5G, Live Webinar -

Autumn 2022 Training Webinars

Join our team of telecoms technology experts for these free training webinars. Each 1-hour webinar delivers a thorough introduction to the topic and includes a live Q&A.

5G Small Cell Deployment

This webinar examines millimetric radio propagation and how cells can be effectively planned to match use cases in different environments.
  • Date:  4 Nov-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: Tony Wakefield

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3GPP Non-Terrestrial Networks

This webinar looks at how 3GPP propose to use the 5G New Radio (NR) to provide 5G cellular coverage in hard-to-reach locations such as ships at sea, airborne aircraft, trains and remote geographical locations using non-terrestrial flying objects.
  • Date:  17 Nov-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: Les Granfield

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5G and V2X

This webinar explores the overall requirements, use cases, emerging solutions, deployment and evolution of connected vehicle systems. In particular, we look at C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle to X) as one of the major connectivity mechanisms for vehicles – and explore the role of 5G in providing this type of connectivity, and the opportunities it presents.

  • Date:  1 Dec-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: Tony Wakefield

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