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New Upcoming Training Webinars

Join our team of telecoms technology experts for these free training webinars. Each 1-hour webinar delivers a thorough introduction to the topic and includes a live Q&A.

4G to 5G Evolution

This webinar outlines the key areas of 4G evolution to 5G, whilst exploring the likely impact on the overall cellular system.
  • Date:  23 May-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: Tony Wakefield

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Achieving Low Latency in 5G 

Starting with the requirements and performance targets, this talk explores how low latency (and ultra-low latency) is achieved in 5G from a technical perspective. 
  • Date:  10 Jun-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: Tony Wakefield

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IoT Enablers in the 5G System

  • Date:  24 Jun-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: Tony Wakefield

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Recorded Webinars

5G Network Slicing

In this talk we explore what Network Slicing is, how it is used, and how it is deployed in the 5G network, as well as (briefly) the role of MEC (Multi Access Edge Computing) in support of specific use cases and potential slice deployments.

  • Recorded:  28 Feb-22
  • Speaker: Tony Wakefield

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5G Private Networks

This webinar examines the market for private telecommunication networks, the acquisition of radio spectrum, and the implementation of private networks using 5G.

  • Recorded: 8 Mar-22
  • Speaker: Chris Cox

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Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN) 

This webinar aims to de-mystify the world of open radio access networks.  It will provide a meaning for the acronyms associated with the technology.  

  • Recorded:  31 Mar-22
  • Speaker: Les Granfield

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4G and 5G Critical Communications – Systems Interworking

This webinar aims to clarify why there is a requirement for interconnecting legacy LMR technologies with 4G/5G systems, and explain the steps taken by 3GPP and the relevant LMR Standards Authorities to facilitate interworking.  

  • Recorded: 12 Apr-22
  • Speaker: Karl van Heeswijk & Les Granfield

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Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC in 5G) 

MEC extends the NFV concept to deploy the virtualization resources at the network edge and provides a significant opportunity to offer hosting for a range of novel applications, but it introduces new challenges in terms of the capabilities needed, and need to deploy applications onto the right edge systems for these benefits to be realised. This webinar explores these topics and presents an overview of the ETSI standardised architecture for MEC.
  • Date:  28 Apr-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: John Timms

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5G Spectrum - the Challenges and the Solutions 

This webinar aims to clarify why there is a requirement for more radio spectrum for 5G systems, what bands have been identified, and why, and the challenges and solutions these new bands bring.
  • Date:  3 May-22 (10am UK)
  • Speaker: Karl van Heeswijk

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