Certificate and Diploma in Telecoms (Cellular Radio Engineer)

Duration: 10-14 Mths

The Certificate and Diploma in Telecoms (Cellular Radio Engineer) distance learning programme provides learners with a qualification that demonstrates their knowledge of the technologies underpinning the telecoms industry with a focus on cellular radio engineering. 

Students will gain a through foundation in the telecoms industry and the technologies on which it’s based as well as a comprehensive understanding of the technologies underpinning radio access networks and techniques needed to design, plan, build, monitor and optimise modern cellular radio networks.

Next Cohort Starts: 31st November - Join the next cohort and benefit from regular live tutorials with fellow students and full tutor support from our trainers throughout your studies.

What you will learn:

At the end of the programme successful students will be able to:

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the technologies underpinning modern telecoms networks, the industry structure and its key stakeholders .
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the air interface for LTE radio access (incl. OFDMA principles,  channel structures, connectivity and mobility management and radio link control functions.)
  • Have a detailed technical  understanding of the air interface for the 5G New Radio, the principles of mm wave and multiple antenna communications, the architecture of the AI’s physical layer, the higher layer air interface protocols, and the signalling procedures. 
  • Expand their learning further by studying two elective modules to qualify for the Diploma in Telecoms.

    What sets our Certified training apart?

    • Focused Learning Pathways – guide you through the material and enable you to become an expert in your chosen field.
    • Flexible Learning – study at a time, location and pace of your choice.
    • Full Tutor support – from industry experts with decades of experience throughout your studies.
    • Extended Learning – Diploma students have the opportunity to study 3 additional courses.
    • 24 months access – allowing you to refer back to the material after your studies.
    • Digital Badges and Course Certificate – demonstrate the depth of your knowledge.

    Certificate and Diploma Programme Format

    Students must successfully complete the 3 foundation courses and 2 Specialist courses below to qualify for the Certificate. To upgrade to the Diploma, students study an additional 2 elective courses

    Wray Castle Certified Training

    Certificate & Diploma Syllabus

    Certificate in Telecoms (Cellular Radio Engineer)

    Foundation Courses

    Technology Fundamentals

    Course Modules:

    • Defining Telecoms 
    • Background to the Telecom Network
    • Digital Fixed Telecom Networks
    • Data Networks
    • Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi
    • Broadband and Emerging Networks

    2G to 5G Mobile Technologies

    Course Modules:

    • Principles of Mobile Cellular Networks
    • 2nd Generation Mobile Networks
    • 3rd Generation Mobile Networks
    • 4th Generation Mobile Networks
    • 5th Generation Mobile Networks

    Telecoms – as an Industry and Business

    Course Modules:

    • Telecoms Industry & Business Dynamics
    • The Technology Explained & Evaluated
    • Telecoms Industry & Market Update

     Specialist Courses

    LTE Air Interface

    Course Modules:

    • LTE Overview
    • OFDM Principles
    • Physical Layer Structure
    • Layer 2 Protocols
    • Radio Resource Control
    • LTE-Advanced
    • Lower Layer Procedures

    5G Air Interface

    Course Modules:

    • Principles of the 5G New Radio
    • Introduction to the Physical Layer
    • Physical Layer Implementation and Procedures
    • Higher Layer Protocols
    • Signalling Procedures

    Diploma in Telecoms (Cellular Radio Engineer)

    To qualify for the Diploma in Telecoms (Cellular Radio Engineer), students study any 2 additional elective courses from options below:

    • 5G Architecture and Protocols
    • 5G Cell Planning
    • 5G Service Based Architecture and Core Network
    • LTE & 5G Security
    • LTE Evolved Packet Core
    • LTE Voice - VoLTE
    • GSM-R Engineering Overview
    • ERTMS/ETCS for Radio Engineers
    • eSIM Engineering
    • FRMCS
    • Business Finance (with a Telecoms Focus)
    • Strategy (with a Telecoms Focus)
    • Developing and Communicating Compelling Customer Propositions
    • Evaluating & Optimising the Business Model(s)

    Programme Duration:

    • Certificate: 10 months (120 Hours Study)
    • Diploma 14 months (168 Hours Study)

     Enrolment Fees

    • Certificate: £2,195 (+VAT)
    • Diploma: £3,295 (+VAT)
    • Upgrade from Certificate to Diploma: £1,425 (+VAT)

    Bespoke In-Company Schemes

    The Certificate and Diploma programmes provide the ideal structure for formalising training programmes for teams across your business.

    Contact us on info@wraycastle.com for more information.

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