Certificate and Diploma in Telecoms (Core Network Engineer)

Duration: 10-14 Mths

The Certificate and Diploma in Telecoms (Core Network Engineer) distance learning programmes provides learners with a certified qualification that demonstrates their knowledge of the technologies underpinning the telecoms industry with a focus on core network engineering. 

Students will gain a through foundation in the telecoms industry and the technologies on which it’s based as well as a deep understanding of the core network procedures, processes and service provision concepts for 4G and 5G Networks.

Next Cohort Starts: 31st November Join the next cohort and benefit from regular live tutorials with fellow students and full tutor support from our trainers throughout your studies.

What you will learn:

At the end of the programme successful students will be able to:

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the technologies underpinning modern telecoms networks, the industry structure and its key stakeholders .
  • Describe the Evolved Packet Core for LTE systems, architecture, interfaces, service provision concepts, application of IP technologies and the overall protocol architectures.
  • Understand the architecture and interfaces used by 5G, the protocols used for signalling and data transport, the provision of services over a 5G network, and the procedures for signalling and system operation.
  • Expand their learning further by studying two elective modules to qualify for the Diploma in Telecoms.

    What sets our Certified training apart?

    • Focused Learning Pathways – guide you through the material and enable you to become an expert in your chosen field.
    • Flexible Learning – study at a time, location and pace of your choice.
    • Full Tutor support – from industry experts with decades of experience throughout your studies.
    • Extended Learning – Diploma students have the opportunity to study 3 additional courses.
    • 24 months access – allowing you to refer back to the material after your studies.
    • Digital Badges and Course Certificate – demonstrate the depth of your knowledge.

    Certificate and Diploma Programme Format

    Students must successfully complete the 3 foundation courses and 2 Specialist courses below to qualify for the Certificate. To upgrade to the Diploma, students study an additional 2 elective courses.

    Wray Castle Certified Training

    Certificate & Diploma Syllabus

     Certificate in Telecoms (Core Network Engineer)

    Foundation Courses

    Technology Fundamentals

    Course Modules:

    • Defining Telecoms 
    • Background to the Telecom Network
    • Digital Fixed Telecom Networks
    • Data Networks
    • Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi
    • Broadband and Emerging Networks

    2G to 5G Mobile Technologies

    Course Modules:

    • Principles of Mobile Cellular Networks
    • 2nd Generation Mobile Networks
    • 3rd Generation Mobile Networks
    • 4th Generation Mobile Networks
    • 5th Generation Mobile Networks

    Telecoms – as an Industry and Business

    Course Modules:

    • Telecoms Industry & Business Dynamics
    • The Technology Explained & Evaluated
    • Telecoms Industry & Market Update

     Specialist Courses

    LTE Evolved Packet Core

    Course Modules:

    • LTE Overview
    • Evolved Packet Core Data
    • Transport in the EPC
    • Major Protocols
    • EPC Operation
    • Release 9 and Beyond

    5G Architecture and Protocols

    Course Modules:

    • Introduction to 5G
    • Radio Access Network Architecture
    • Core Network Architecture
    • Data Transport
    • 5G Protocols
    • 5G Procedures
    • Releases 16 and 17

      Diploma in Telecoms (Core Network Engineer)

      To qualify for the Diploma in Cote Network Engineering, students study any 2 additional elective courses from options below:

      • 5G Architecture and Protocols
      • 5G Air Interface
        5G Radio Access Networks
      • 5G Cell Planning
      • LTE & 5G Security
      • LTE Evolved Packet Core
      • LTE Air Interface
      • GSM-R Engineering Overview
      • ERTMS/ETCS for Radio Engineers
      • eSIM Engineering
      • FRMCS
      • Business Finance (with a Telecoms Focus)
      • Strategy (with a Telecoms Focus)
      • Developing and Communicating Compelling Customer Propositions
      • Evaluating & Optimising the Business Model(s)

      Programme Duration:

      • Certificate: 10 months (120 Hours Study)
      • Diploma 14 months (168 Hours Study)

       Enrolment Fees

      • Certificate: £2,195 (+VAT)
      • Diploma: £3,295 (+VAT)
      • Upgrade from Certificate to Diploma: £1,425 (+VAT)

      Bespoke In-Company Schemes

      The Certificate and Diploma programmes provide the ideal structure for formalising training programmes for teams across your business.

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