Telecoms – as an Industry and Business

Duration: 1 Day / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 1

Course Code:  WR2201

Course Summary

The Telecoms Industry is based on a range of technologies that are extremely diverse, wide ranging, and highly complex. With this foundation, the industry is able to support a wide variety of service propositions in a significant number of identifiable sectors, and as a result, a vast array of business models.

The complex business ecosystems are comprised of many thousands of companies and the relationships that exist between them. This includes Communications Service Providers (CSP), Network Equipment and Handset Vendors, Service / Support Companies, Standardisation Bodies, Regulators, and Content / Media Companies. The ecosystems are dynamic in nature and evolving rapidly in terms of focus.

The sheer scale of it all makes it difficult to fully understand and analyse, but in this course, we start that process. We explore the overall make-up of the industry and the business dynamics; the types of organisations involved and their roles and relationships; the service propositions; and main customer segments. We also briefly consider company strategy and business models. An evaluation of the key technologies that support the industry is made, including projections, time-lines and overall market trajectories.

Topic Areas Include:

  • Telecoms Industry and Business Dynamics
  • The Technology Explained and Evaluated
  • Telecoms Industry and Market Update