Wray Castle Consulting - Strategic Services

Why Wray Castle Consulting

We understand that no two situations are the same. It’s the underlying detail that makes the difference; in each situation the levers to success are always different.

We have been in your seat before, we are all experienced industry executives, not career consultants. So, we won’t bore you with meaningless sales pitches about our latest cookie-cutter process or health check. However, we need to start somewhere and you need to understand what we will do. Our operating model is very simple, it consists of three phases: Understand, Plan and Execute.

At Wray Castle we understand that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to transformational change, it’s experience that counts. And it’s that experience that uniquely positions Wray Castle to help you and your leadership team deliver lasting transformational change.

Who we work with

At Wray Castle we work with senior leadership teams, the C-suite, to bring about lasting transformational change. Our assignments typically involve transforming markets, for example a radical shift in revenue mix. Invariably they involve the engagement of many different stakeholders, for example, regulators, lenders, vendors, Governments and shareholders.

We have worked with telcos, carriers, operators, vendors, retailers, banks and lawyers from across globe for over 30 years.  

     Managing Partners

    Fraser Curley

    Fraser has spent over 35 years in the high-tech markets, including defence electronics, mobile telecommunications, and corporate venture capital. He has accrued extensive experience in a variety of international markets, ranging from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the CIS.  Including as CEO of a multi-billion dollar public listed company...more

    Andrew White

    Andrew has spent over 30 years in high-tech markets, including mobile telecommunications, electronics manufacturing & engineering, the Internet and software engineering. He has accrued extensive experience in a variety of international markets, ranging from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Including as an officer of a multi-billion dollar public listed company....more


    The partners that you will work with have achieved objectives such as:

    • The corporate turnaround of mobile operator Zain Saudi Arabia from annual losses of US$500M to sustained net profitability
    • Obtaining the original license for mobile operator Uminah in Jordan
    • Establishing Lebara Mobile as a MVNO with Vodafone in the UK delivering the foundations of what has become one of the most successful and long term MVNO relationships in the industry
    • Completing a multibillion US dollar refinancing and restructuring for a list company in the Middle East
    • Investment portfolio direction and optimisation for a US$10billon family investment group
    • Revenue growth for a mobile operator of over 550%
    • Mobile operator EBITDA margin improvement of 15% to 50%, and for a different mobile operator, gross margin improvement of 45% to 64%
    • MVNO agreement renegotiation for a US$100M+ MVNO
    • Mobile operator outsourcing rationalisation, saving US$125M per year
    • Telco brand repositioning and major brand refreshes
    • MVNO partner strategy for MNOs
    • Multiple new telco launches, from license application to first customer
    • Radio spectrum strategy
    • Passive tower cell site sharing
    • Wholesale strategy preparing for the entry of a new mobile operator
    • Due diligence
    • Asset valuation
    • Creating a MVNO for a leading retailer
    • Network costing, cost to carry
    • Creation of joint ventures
    • Operation of joint ventures
    • Dissolution of joint ventures.

    To find out more about how we may be able to help email us at info@wraycastle.com