Consulting Services - Corporate Transformation

We understand that no two situations are the same.  It’s the underlying detail that makes the difference; in each situation the levers to success are always different. 

We have been in your seat before, we are all experienced industry executives, not career consultants.  So, we won’t bore you with meaningless sales pitches about our latest cookie-cutter process or health check.  However, we need to start somewhere and you need to understand what we will do. 

Our operating model is very simple, it consists of three phases: Understand, Plan and Execute.

At Wray Castle we understand that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to transformational change, it’s experience that counts.  And it’s that experience that uniquely positions Wray Castle to help you and your leadership team deliver lasting transformational change.

At Wray Castle we work with senior leadership teams, the C-suite, to bring about lasting transformational change.  Our assignments typically involve transforming markets, for example a radical shift in revenue mix.  Invariably they involve the engagement of many different stakeholders, for example, regulators, lenders, vendors, Governments and shareholders.

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