Certificate & Diploma in Telecoms (Police Edition)

Duration: 10-14 Mths

The widespread use of mobile telephones has proven to be a useful source of information for law enforcement agencies.  The ability to prove or disprove that a mobile device was used in the area of, or location of, a point of interest is invaluable. But to safely prove the case requires an understanding of cellular mobile technologies. The Certificate & Diploma in Telecoms (Police Edition) provides those working in Law Enforcement with a detailed understanding of the mobile network technologies of today and tomorrow.

Who would benefit?

Our Certificate and Diploma in Telecoms has been designed for anyone working Law Enforcement from new starters looking to build their technical knowledge from the ground up to more experienced engineers looking to formalise and expand their knowledge base.

Rigorous testing, regular digital badging and certification ensures that successful students are able to demonstrate the breadth and depth of their knowledge.

    Certificate and Diploma Programme Format

    Students must successfully complete the 3 foundation courses and 2 Specialist courses below to qualify for the Certificate. To upgrade to the Diploma, students study an additional 2 elective courses.

    Wray Castle Certified Training

    Certificate & Diploma Syllabus

     Certificate in Telecoms (5G Engineering)

    Foundation Courses

    Technology Fundamentals

    Course Modules:

    • Defining Telecoms 
    • Background to the Telecom Network
    • Digital Fixed Telecom Networks
    • Data Networks
    • Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi
    • Broadband and Emerging Networks

    2G to 5G Mobile Technologies

    Course Modules:

    • Principles of Mobile Cellular Networks
    • 2nd Generation Mobile Networks
    • 3rd Generation Mobile Networks
    • 4th Generation Mobile Networks
    • 5th Generation Mobile Networks

    Introduction to Radio

    Course Modules:

    • A Need for Radio
    • Frequency and Bandwidth
    • Modulation
    • Radio Spectrum
    • Antennas and Transmission Lines
    • Propagation
    • Radio Coverage
      Radio Interference
    • Analogue and Digital Systems

     Specialist Courses

    Radio Network Surveys

    Course Modules:

    • Cellular Radio Principles
    • GSM/UMTS/LTE/5G Networks
    • Wi-Fi Radio Networks
    • Radio Measurements
    • Idle Mode Activity for Mobile Devices
    • Connected Mode Activities for Mobile Devices
    • Tools for Radio Surveys
    • Guidance for Radio Network Surveys

    WiFi Engineering Overview

    Course Modules:

    • Wireless LAN Technologies and Standards
    • 802.11 PHY
    • MAC Frame Structures
    • MAC Procedures
    • Security
    • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

      Diploma (+ 2 Elective Courses)

      To qualify for the Diploma in Telecoms (Police Edition), students study any 2 additional elective courses from options below:

      • GSM Air Interface
      • GSM Service & Operation
      • LTE Billing & Charging
      • LTE Engineering
      • 5G Engineering

       Programme Duration:

      • Certificate: 10 months (120 Hours Study)
      • Diploma 14 months (168 Hours Study)

       Enrolment Fees

      • Certificate: £2,195 (+VAT)
      • Diploma: £3,295 (+VAT)
      • Upgrade from Certificate to Diploma: £1,425 (+VAT)

      Bespoke In-Company Schemes

      The Certificate and Diploma programmes provide the ideal structure for formalising training programmes for teams across your business.

      Contact us on info@wraycastle.com for more information.

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