FRMCS – Future Railway Mobile Communications System (On-Demand)

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Duration: 22 Hours / Technical Level: Level 2

Course Code: MB2020

Course Summary

GSM-R end of life is anticipated to be around 2030 which only leaves a few years to find a replacement system. The International Union of Railways (UIC) have published a document called FRMCS- Future Railway Mobile Communications System which outlines what will be required of a future system. The document does not describe the replacement technology it is essentially a wish list of what a future technology should
be capable of doing. The railway community have detailed the communications requirements of the future railway networks and are looking for telecommunications manufacturers and standards bodies to provide a suitable solution.

This course looks at the documents published by the UIC to gain an understanding of the requirements of a future communications system. One of the challenges faced by the railways is the lack of radio spectrum so the course analyses the current spectrum options. This leads to an overview of how 5G could be a potential candidate for FRMCS.


Attendees ideally will have a background in telecommunications gained from working in the railway industry and have technical knowledge of GSM-R.

Who would benefit?

The course is open to anyone that would like to gain an insight into how mobile telecommunications for railways may migrate from GSM-R to the system known as FRMCS.

This self-paced on-demand distance learning course features illustrated course books, videos, tests and full tutor support.

Topic Areas Include

  • FRMCS – An Introduction
  • FRMCS Reference Architecture
  • FRMCS On-Board Architecture
  • FRMCS Addressing
  • Common Functions and Applications
  • 5G
  • The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  • Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT)
  • Mission Critical Data (MCDATA)
  • Mission Critical Video (MCVIDEO)
  • Radio Spectrum and Coverage

Benefits and Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn about the standards-based approach to developing FRMCS
  • Be aware of the key features and services FRMCS will bring to the railways
  • Discover how 3GPP 5G technology can be used to support FRMCS
  • Describe the potential migration paths from GSM-R to FRMCS
  • Understand the radio spectrum issues associate with migration
  • Understand how 3GPP Mission Critical applications can be adopted by FRMCS

Benefits to the Organisation:

  • Attendees will be aware of the timescales for the migration towards FRMCS
  • Attendees will have a detailed understanding of the features FRMCS and how they may benefit the business
  • To understand the potential risks associated with migration
  • The ability to identify applications that may benefit the industry
  • Technical knowledge of FRMCS empowers the individual to contribute to railway projects
  • Knowledge will aid the decision making and planning for FRMCS more transparent

On-Demand Online Training

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UIC is the worldwide organisation for the promotion of rail transport at a global level and collaborative development of the railway system. It brings together some 200 members on all 5 continents, among them rail operators, infrastructure managers, railway service providers, etc. UIC maintains close cooperation links with all actors in the rail transport domain around the world, including manufacturers, railway associations, public authorities and stakeholders in other domains and sectors whose experiences may be beneficial to rail development. UIC's main tasks include understanding the business needs of the rail community, developing innovation programmes to identify solutions to those needs, as well as preparing and publishing a series of documents such as reports, specifications, guidelines and IRS that facilitate the implementation of the innovative solutions.

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