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Webinar: Beamforming and Massive MIMO - Enabling 5G (25th April)


25th April (10am UK Time)

Join on 25th April at 10am (UK Time) for this live webinar Webinar: Beamforming and Massive MIMO - Enabling 5G.

5G enables access to higher frequency spectrum than previous generations. In order to efficiently use that high frequency spectrum [and put very simply], antenna size needs to be smaller, and we need to use more of them. This in turn means that massive antenna arrays are a key component of 5G deployment - where lots of antennas are used in a very organised way to focus energy and drive spectral efficiency. The ways in which 5G data streams are mapped to those antenna arrays is highly flexible, offering the operator a range of beamforming and massive MIMO (Multiple-In, Multiple-Out) options. This talk explores the options and techniques available, as well as setting out the most appropriate deployment scenarios. We aim to make sense of this highly complex subject – looking at the impact of advanced antenna systems without getting stuck into the mathematics!

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Frequency Bands for 5G
  • Propagation Characteristics - UHF to mmWave
  • Frequency and Typical Cell Ranges
  • Dual Connectivity
  • Antenna Arrays
  • MIMO Explained
    • MU-MIMO
    • Massive MIMO Techniques
    • Beamforming in 5G
    • Advanced Antenna Techniques
    • Use of Reference Signals and Feedback for Beam Management
    • Advanced Antenna Use Cases

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