5G Standalone Virtual Labs

Explore, Test, Optimise and Troubleshoot the 5G System


Deep dive into the key signalling scenarios in the 5G system, analyse the output (via Wireshark pcap files) to build a deeper understanding that goes beyond the theoretical and allows users to apply knowledge to a real-world 5G network.

The cloud-based lab provides participants with access to a fully emulated 5G System environment. Experiment with the configurations for various Network Functions within the 5G Core Network and build customized settings for signalling scenarios that will enable users to develop greater insight in to the operation of the 5G System.

    Lab Features & Benefits

    • Lab
      A simulated 5G network - Provides hands-on experience and reinforces theoretical knowledge.
    • Guided exercises for signalling scenarios - makes learning and applying new concepts straightforward.
    • Wireshark (pcap) output files – detailed output files provide deep system insight.
    • Cloud-based lab - available 24/7 on any connected device.
    • Individual dedicate server - Ensures that your work is kept private and secure.
    • Ongoing trainer support - ensures you get expert advice when needed.
    • Fully integrated with Wray Castles training programmes - allows you to build bespoke learning pathways for specialist teams across your organisation.

    Essential 5G Protocols and Procedures (On-Demand Virtual Lab)

    In this on-demand self-study lab-based course, you will dive deep into the essential 5G protocols, with a specific focus on the 5G NF Framework, registration processes, and PDU session establishment. Through a series of guided exercises, you'll gain invaluable experience and a comprehensive understanding of critical aspects of the 5G system. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the 5G NF Framework, 5G registration and 5G PDU Session Establishment procedure’s including:

      • 5G NF Registration
      • Registration Message Flow
      • Next Generation Application Protocol
      • 5G AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement)

      Learn more

      • Subscriber Data Handling
      • AM (Access and Mobility) Policy Association
      • 5G Session Establishment
      • PFCP (Packet Forwarding Control) Protocol. 

        5G Standalone - Core Network Protocols and Procedures (2-Day Workshop)

        Deep dive into 5G Standalone Core Network Protocols and Procedures with this lab workshopThe lab workshop includes a mix of theory and hands-on exercises and includes a detailed guide covering  exercises on various protocols and signalling scenarios in the 5G System.

        The focus of he lab is the 5G Core Network with extensive coverage of the Service Based Architecture and HTTPv2 including JSON. Furthermore all protocols around the 5G Core Network are examined (PFCP, NGAP and 5G NAS). Learn more

          Focused Half-Day Labs

          Through a combination of hands-on experience and guided instruction each half-day virtual lab workshop allow users to build a deep understanding of the 5G System, its protocols and signalling scenarios. The emulator allows participants to test a 5G System, understand how the signalling flows are standardized in a safe simulated environment. The following labs are available:

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