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The UIC Rail Academy: Telecoms Section features a suite of specialist training solutions for the railway industry covering rail radio engineering and associated technologies.

The Telecoms Section includes courses ranging from individual self-study and instructor-led courses to the Diploma in Rail Radio Network Communications and the comprehensive UIC Rail Academy: Telecoms Collection that includes access to all our rail communications system training material (online and instructor-led) plus an additional range of courses on wider telecoms network technologies.

Telecoms Collection

UIC On-DemandOur flagship learning product the UIC Rail Academy: Telecoms Collection is a comprehensive source of telecoms technology and specialist rail communications training programmes.

The Telecoms Collection includes the following online courses each features illustrated course books, videos, tests and full tutor support.

  • Rail Radio Communications: GSM-R Engineering Overview, ERTMS / ETCS for Radio Engineering, FRMCS Engineering
  • Telecoms Foundation: Introduction to Telecoms, 2G to 5G Mobile Technologies, 5G Engineering Overview, GSM Air Interface
  • Radio Engineering: Introduction to Radio, Radio Principles, Microwave Link Planning
Learners gain access to high-quality learning materials and support, enabling them to develop expertise in telecoms technology and specialist communications technologies within the rail industry. Licencing options range from single seat to enterprise wide licences. Learn more here.

    Diploma in Rail Radio Network Engineering

    The Diploma in Rail Radio Network Engineering programme consists of two foundation courses designed to build a student’s knowledge of the core principles of modern telecoms networks and radio communications, along with three specialist courses deliver a deep understanding of the specialist communications technologies deployed across rail networks.

    • Foundation Courses: Introduction to Telecoms, Radio Principles
    • Rail Radio Communications: GSM-R Engineering Overview, ERTMS / ETCS for Radio Engineering, FRMCS Engineering
    Successfully complete the Diploma in Radio Network Engineering for Rail to demonstrate your expertise. Learn more here.


      Individual Online and Instructor-Led Training Courses



      Live Online*

      Live Classroom

      FRMCS Overview 11 Hours
      Enrol Here
      13-14 Aug
      21-22 Oct
      2-3 Dec

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      FRMCS Engineering 22 Hours
      Enrol Here
      23-25 Jul
      30 Sep-3 Oct
      4-7 Nov
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      GSM-R Engineering Overview 22 Hours
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      ERTMS/ETCS for Radio Engineers 32 Hours
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      5-8 Aug
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      * Courses run 9am-5pm CET

      Early Bird Discounts Available - book 4 weeks before the course save 20%

      Prices and Licensing Options

      Category Delivery Method No Courses Single User* Team (2-4)* Enterprise (4+)*
      Telecoms Collection On-Demand
      & Live Online
      10 €5,950 €4,695 POA
      Diploma in Rail Radio Network Engineering On-Demand Online 5 €4,950 €3,895 POA
      FRMCS Overview On-Demand Online 1 €1,390 €1,095 POA
      FRMCS Engineering On-Demand Online 1 €2,570 €2,050 POA
      GSM-R Engineering Overview On-Demand Online 1 €2,175 €1,750 POA
      ERTMS/ETCS for Radio Engineers On-Demand Online 1 €3,200 €2,550 POA
      FRMCS Overview Instructor-Led Live Online 1 Day €1,450 €1,150 POA
      FRMCS Engineering Instructor-Led Live Online 2 Day €2,700 €2150 POA

      * Price/User

      "...the trainer went above & beyond the syllabus, which was fantastic …up to date on all the latest technology & could relate subjects to real life scenarios." Network Rail

      "...knowledgeable & enthusiastic trainer adapted well to the needs of the class. An excellent course." Siemens Transport

      For more information email uicacademy@wraycastle.com

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