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Webinar: Radio Propagation Mechanisms Explained (Recorded)


Recorded: 23rd March 2023

Webinar recording of Radio Propagation Mechanisms Explained is now available on Wray Castle Connect (Free Membership Required), you can view the recording here.

The aim of this Webinar is to explain the range of factors that impact the way radio waves propagate and therefore impact radio connectivity and coverage in fixed and mobile radio systems.

The session commences with a look at how variations in atmospheric conditions will affect the trajectory of radio signals – the process of refraction.  The natural phenomena of diffraction, reflection, and absorption will then be described, finishing with an explanation of fast and slow fading.  An understanding of these mechanisms should allow an appreciation of why sometimes a useable signal cannot be found where it would appear to be a certainty, and why a useable signal can be found where it would be thought to be impossible. 

The session ends with an examination of the challenges and opportunities that millimetre wave spectrum offers for 5G system coverage and capabilities.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Space Wave Propagation
  • Relationship between Distance and Frequency
  • Effects of Tropospheric Refraction
  • Impact of Temperature, Humidity, and Air Pressure
  • Radio Refractive Index Gradient
  • Super and Sub-refractive Conditions
  • Free Space Loss
  • Environmental Effects
  • Knife Edge Diffraction
    • Multiple Obstructions
    • Multipath Propagation
    • Slow Fading
    • Fast Fading
    • Example Realistic Cell
    • New Radio Spectrum for 5G
    • Millimetre Wave Propagation
    • Atmospheric Absorption
    • Penetration Losses
    • Foliage Losses

        Watch Webinar Recording on Wray Castle Connect* here

        Webinar Speaker: 

        Karl van Heeswijk

        Karl van Heeswijk

        Karl is an experienced training specialist in radio theory, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mobile systems.

        *Free Membership Required, you can view the recording here.