5G, Recorded Webinar -

5G Private Networks (8th Mar)

5G Private Networks

Recorded: 8th March 2022

Private telecommunication networks can be deployed by business enterprises to support a wide variety of commercial use cases, with far greater flexibility than fixed networks, and a performance that is far superior to WiFi. The number of private network rollouts has been rapidly growing, driven by the increased availability of radio spectrum, and by the introduction of explicit support for private networks in 5G.

This webinar examines the market for private telecommunication networks, the acquisition of radio spectrum, and the implementation of private networks using 5G. Topics covered include the following:

Topics include:

  • Drivers for Private Networks
  • Market Growth
  • Examples of Private Networks
  • Radio Spectrum
  • UK Shared Access
  • Access to Licensed UK Spectrum
  • 5G Non-Public Networks
  • Standalone NPNs
  • Public Network Integrated NPNs
  • Architectures for the Radio Access Network