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FRMCS Migration and Coexistence with GSM-R (27th June, 10am UK Time)

Thursday 27th June (10am-11am UK Time)

Join us on Thursday 27th June our live webinar FRMCS Migration and Coexistence with GSM-R.

The first release of the FRMCS standards have been published and the 5G Rail project was successfully concluded. Based on the findings from that project, FRMCS v2.0 will be created, paving the way for the MORANE 2 project leading ultimately to the ‘1st Edition’ of the FRMCS specification (v3.0). Version 3.0 is anticipated to be available in 2027 allowing FRMCS to gradually replace GSM-R. The two systems will initially operate in parallel, known as the migration period. But how will the two peacefully coexist? This webinar looks at the work being undertaken by the Franco-German Ecosystem for Private 5G Networks, specifically the 5G-RACOM Project.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Franco-German Ecosystem for Private 5G Networks
  • 5G-RACOM Project
  • 5G-RACOM Project Structure
  • Channel Modelling
  • Coexistence of GSM-R and FRMCS
  • Hybrid FRMCS Networks
  • Review of EC Decision (20) 02 900 MHz Spectrum
  • Using 5G NR in the RMR 900 Band
  • White Space Approach
  • Co-located Approach
  • Hybrid – Single Radio Scenario
  • Hybrid – Dual Radio Scenario
  • Hybrid – Two O-Board Radio Scenario

Les Granfield

Webinar Speaker: Les Granfield

Les is a technical trainer with 35 years of experience. His expertise extends across a wide range of telecommunications technologies. He specializes in GSM-R, ERTMS/ETCS, UMTS and LTE radio access networks, radio planning, radio access network optimization and Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC).