Carbon & Net Zero, Live Webinar -

Introduction to Energy Security & Net Zero


The Introduction to Energy Security & Net Zero webinar is brought to you by Wray Castle in partnership with TÜV UK Ltd, bringing together unrivalled expertise, global reach, specialist training development skills, and a consultancy network, products, services, and much more.

During the ‘Introduction to Energy Security & Net Zero’ webinar we'll introduce the concepts of energy security and net zero. Those who attend will emerge with a raised awareness of the subject and its importance.

Topics covered:

  • Net Zero.
  • Energy Security
  • Energy Market.
  • Energy Production.
  • Global Energy Factors.
  • Energy Security & Net Zero Delivery Role.
  • Government Energy Security & Net Zero Strategy & Policy.

Webinar Speaker: 


David Bradbury, TÜV UK Consultant

David Bradbury is a PhD scientist whose interest in the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the environment caused him to join the nuclear industry in the 1970’s. He has maintained his interest in the subject throughout a career in the energy industry spanning nearly five decades. He gives presentations to a variety of non-technical audiences on the subject of climate change and Net Zero.

About TÜV UK


TÜV UK Ltd is a member of the TÜV NORD GROUP, a global organisation with a workforce of more than 15,000 over 100 countries and one of the world's largest technical service providers. It owes its leading market position to its technical competence, accredited inspection, and certification body services operating successfully across many sectors including Clean Energy Solutions, Manufacturing Technology, Buildings, Food, etc; and already provides Specialist Nuclear and Energy Consultancy Services for Government and major industry clients.