IP Backbone Traffic Engineering

2 Days / 4 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: IP2301

Course Summary

This is a detailed course examining the complexities of IP Backbone traffic engineering techniques. ATM and MPLS are explored as well as looking to the future of traffic engineering.

Who would benefit

Those needing to understand the principles of backbone traffic engineering for IP networks.


Experience of IP engineering and an understanding of packet-switched data networks, TCP/IP principles and ATM are beneficial.

Topic Areas Include

  • Traffic engineering overview

  • Traffic engineering techniques

  • Layer 3 traffic engineering

  • OSPF architecture and operation

  • BGP and BGP4 architecture and operation

  • Traffic engineering using OSPF and BGP4

  • ATM traffic engineering

  • IP-over-ATM traffic engineering

  • MPLS traffic engineering

  • Integrated MPLS-TE approach

  • The evolution of ATM to MPLS core networks

  • Generalized MPLS