Strategy in Business (On-Demand)

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Duration: 11 Hours

Course Code:  LB01

Course Summary

Strategic decision-making is a key component of the vast majority of successful businesses, and the impact of those decisions is very likely to have a huge bearing on the success (or otherwise) of the organisation. Despite the intention that company strategy should drive and guide the mix of activities, and both focus and align efforts within appropriately configured units / departments, very few companies give it the time and attention needed to maximise the impact of good decision-making.

This programme looks at each component of strategy in turn, with the decision-making process at the heart of a much more extensive set of activities need to maximise the impact of good strategy. We look at the nature of Strategy; building Awareness (industry, market, business dynamics, company-specific); strategic Analysis; strategy Development; strategy Execution; and key Performance Enablers.

We draw all the relevant and varied information together, presenting it as a single flow of processes that can be used to drive successful strategy within any business, department or organisation.

Who Would Benefit?

These programmes deliver comprehensive training for employees at all levels within the organisation. They would benefit employees, mid-senior managers, directors, specialists, consultants and identified talent.

Topics Covered:                                                       

  • Understanding Strategy, Industry and Business Dynamics
    • Understanding the Nature of Strategy
    • Building Awareness
  • Analysing the Market; Developing Strategy & Competitive Advantage, Strategy Execution, KPIS & OKRs
    • Carrying Out Strategic Analysis
    • Developing the Strategy
    • Strategy Execution
  • Key Performance Enablers

On-Demand Online Training

On-Demand Online Telecoms Training

Accessible on any device on-demand online training allows you to study at a time and location convenient to you. Each course includes:

  • Illustrated Course Books - featuring leading-edge knowledge from subject matter experts.
  • Videos - Detailed videos expand the points covered in the course books.
  • Tutor Support – Connect with leading experts, ask questions to deepen your understanding.
  • Formative Assessment - Modules include regular quizzes to support learning.
  • Certification – Complete the end-of-module tests to earn Digital Badges to demonstrate the depth of your knowledge of the topic.

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