Supporting Ofcom for over 20 years: How Wray Castle built a long standing relationship with Ofcom and its precursor, the Radiocommunications Agency (RA)

Wray Castle has been a trusted supplier of radio communications training to the UK spectrum administration authorities for over 20 years, training both technical and non-technical staff through standalone courses and structured training programmes.


To enable non-technical staff to understand the technical possibilities and limitations of radio spectrum.

To help the engineers looking at interference investigation and spectrum monitoring to build upon and maintain their knowledge of radio principles and technologies.


Working closely with senior management from Ofcom, Wray Castle designed and delivered various seminars, training courses and workshops relevant to particular disciplines and to the depth required by each.


Wray Castle and Ofcom have maintained a successful relationship spanning decades.
Wray Castle has helped Ofcom employees on a wide range of disciplines, including interference investigation, analysis and resolution, radio direction finding, the social and economic value of spectrum, cellular technologies, radio coverage planning and aeronautical radio.