About Wray Castle

Empowering the Telecoms World

We empower the global telecoms world by developing the specialist knowledge, skills and competencies organisations need to build, maintain, optimise and operate the cutting-edge communications networks of today and tomorrow that support national critical infrastructure.

Trusted by the global telecoms industry since 1958, our telecoms training courses helped upskill over 300,000 industry professionals from over 85 countries worldwide. Our learners come from many major mobile and fixed operators, vendors, regulators, consultants, rail operators, energy suppliers and government organisations.

Our Expertise

Our team of highly experienced specialist course developers and instructors come with decades of experience from within the industry and as specialist technical trainers.

We support learners at all stages of their career from new entrants looking for a thorough grounding in industry to experienced engineers needing to get up to speed on the latest network technologies.

Whatever your telecoms training requirements, our course features continuously updated content, our courses cover all the major global communications technologies including:

Innovative, flexible learning solutions

Whatever your telecoms training requirements, our courses and programmes are designed to deliver knowledge in an engaging and enjoyable way that inspires the learner, reinforces knowledge and promotes life-long learning. Our innovative, flexible learning solutions include:

  • Instructor-led Classroom - We use a range of learning techniques to bring your programme to life including exercises, demonstrations, and role-playing.
  • Live Virtual Classroom - Live online classes deliver the same interactive, engaging learning experience as the face-to-face classroom training.
  • On-Demand Online Learning - Learn online, anytime, with our self-study courses, each course features illustrated course books, videos, tests and full tutor support.
  • Enterprise Academy – Designed and customised for each client, our Academies make best-in-class blended live and on-demand learning available to all employees within an organisation.