Microwave Link Planning

3 Days / 5 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: RP1601

Course Summary

The course covers all of the essential aspects of planning point-to-point microwave link systems, from conception to commissioning.

Who would benefit

Those involved in the specification, planning and maintenance of fixed microwave radio transmission, backhaul and access links.


A good knowledge of radio principles, or a background in telecommunications engineering, or attendance on the Radio Principles course (RP1301).

Topic Areas Include

  • ITU-R and CEPT recommendations

  • ETSI standards

  • Spectrum management and channel plans

  • Frequency assignment

  • Digital radio performance characteristics

  • Noise and interference in radio systems

  • Reliability, availability and performance objectives

  • Microwave antennas and feeders

  • Radiation Pattern Envelopes (RPEs)

  • Refraction, k-factor, reflection and diffraction

  • Path profiling and Fresnel zone clearance

  • Power budgets

  • Rain and Multipath/Dispersive fade margins

  • Dimensioning space and frequency diversity

  • Interference management

  • Practical link planning exercises

Practical exercises, including design of a fixed link transmission network.

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