Mini-MBA in Telecoms – a Blueprint for Future Business

5 Days / 10 Live Online Sessions (0900-1730) / Technical Level: Business & Strategy

A comprehensive programme covering all the essential elements needed to effectively lead and manage in Telecoms and related industries

The Mini-MBA in Telecoms explores the key areas for business success, bringing the concepts together within a comprehensive team-based business simulation that runs throughout the programme - allowing the ideas to be developed and applied to a realistic and challenging simulated environment.

This programme delivers comprehensive training for mid-senior managers, directors, specialists, consultants and identified talent working within the telecommunications, connected innovation, and adjacent industries.

Mini-MBA in Telecoms - Key benefits:

  • Rapidly build your knowledge and competencies in the key areas of telecoms business.
  • Establish a Blueprint for effectively leading your business or team.
  • Implement all key aspects of the blueprint consistently and coherently.
  • Develop more effective strategies, key performance enablers, and business models.
  • Focus on maximising value creation for your organisation and your customers.
  • Make better business decisions
  • Develop a solid understanding of telecoms technology and deployment options and how this impacts the business.
  • Break those silo barriers.
  • Better lead, support, and enhance the performance of your people.
  • Take a more active role in evolving company culture, innovation and processes.
  • Assess ideas and opportunities more rigorously and take a more dynamic leadership role.

Focused Modules:

  • Industry, Business & Tech Insight
  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Finance & Analysis
  • Developing People, Teams & Culture
  • Building the Customer Proposition
  • Marketing Communications

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