Technical Levels

Our course details, categorised level 1, 2 or 3 also contain course prerequisites. Please consider this information, as well as reviewing your own experience when looking for a course that's right for you.

Level 1 Courses

Level 1 courses are developed and presented in a style to be easily understood by those without an engineering background. Key characteristics, uses, trends and issues relating to technical topics are discussed in a relaxed and interactive way.

These courses assume no prior knowledge of the subject matter, although delegates should have a keen interest in learning new concepts.

Level 2 Courses

Level 2 courses contain detailed content that is suitable for engineering staff. Some will find that these courses completely satisfy their requirements while for others they will be an ideal introduction to more specialised content.

These courses also provide those progressing from Level 1 with a more detailed understanding of a particular technology. While a number of these courses require no prior knowledge of the subject matter, delegates should have the ability to grasp engineering concepts with ease.

Level 3 Courses

Level 3 courses have been developed for engineering staff who requiring specific detailed knowledge of a specialist area of technology.

These courses assume some underlying knowledge of either the technology or of the broader, related topic areas on which the content is focussed.

Tech Talks

Delivered in a live online format by leading subject experts, Tech Talks are concise and informative webinars addressing key technologies and concepts in the world of telecoms.

They are designed to appeal to a wide audience - for those actively engaged in the topics to those simply with an interest in understanding the wider issues impacting the telecoms industry today; making them an ideal complement to an existing learning resource portfolio.


Seminars are designed as short timely introductions to new concepts in the world of telecoms, pinpointing the key issues being currently debated in terms of technology and innovation. They are ideally suited for lunch and learn sessions, speaker slots at events, as well as video resources on your LMS.