Digital Learning

Cutting edge technology-enabled learning.
The latest telecoms knowledge in digital form.

Videos On-Demand

  • 400 hours of training videos from the experts at your fingertips
    - consume content your way, learn at your pace - watch, rewind and watch again.
  • Upskill at scale and provide maximum learning flexibility with video libraries
    - embed leading edge knowledge in your organisation’s virtual learning environment.
  • Analyse viewing patterns
    - see the topics of most interest to your employees, customise your video library and build internal training courses.

Courses On-Demand

  • Multidimensional learning experiences with on demand courses
    – expert video presentations, course books with unique diagrams and texts, practice assessments, tutor discussions, and digital certifications.
  • Accelerated learning through structured courses
    – step by step, short scaffolded modules with regular testing of knowledge gained.
  • On hand dedicated course tutors
    - available to answer questions at the click of a button.
  • Cross platform compatibility
    – learn in tune with your lifestyle, drop in and out, and pick up where you left off on any device, day or night.
  • Continued professional development
    - that works around individual schedules - public and closed courses available.


  • A personalised approach to training at scale
    – customised academies that benefit the entire organisation.
  • Handpicked collections of training courses at every level
    – executive briefings, telecoms business, foundational and specialised engineering.
  • Structured learning pathways
    - to empower employees to realise their potential and achieve verifiable, globally-recognised digital credentials.
  • All-inclusive analytics
    – from the performance of an entire academy, down to the learning progression of each individual.

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