3G Indoor Coverage Planning

1 Day / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code:  MB2701

Course Summary

This 3G Indoor Coverage Planning course is intended for experienced GSM indoor planners who need to know about the issues of providing indoor WCDMA coverage. Various indoor scenarios are discussed to illustrate planning techniques.

Who would benefit

Experienced GSM indoor planning engineers moving into UMTS indoor coverage, as well as those working in planning-related areas or needing to understand UMTS planning considerations.


Attendees should already have knowledge and experience of GSM indoor coverage planning. Previous attendance on the UMTS Air Interface course (MB2002) is advantageous.

Topic Areas Include:

  • Traffic dimensioning

  • Office and corporate scenarios

  • Shopping centres

  • Packet-switched traffic

  • Propagation modelling

  • Measurements

  • Link budgets

  • Antenna positioning

  • Tunnels

  • Stadiums

  • RF safety (ICNIRP)

  • Picocells

  • Repeaters

  • Femtocells

  • Distributed antennas

  • Fibre distribution

  • Integrating indoor cells

Includes practical planning exercises.