5G Cell Planning

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2 Days / 4 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: FG2002

Course Summary

The heart of any cell planning process begins with coverage and capacity estimations, this 5G Cell Planning training course will guide you through the variables that impact both coverage and capacity and provides practical worked examples for a variety of scenarios.

As well as the planning process it is also important to understand the RF KPIs and measurements that determine link performance, the essential signals and measurement techniques of the NR are covered in this training as well as a detailed look at parameters that affect the random access process, location management and PCI planning.

At the conclusion of this training the student will be well versed in the theory and practice of 5G cell planning with a good understanding of both the principles and application of planning techniques.

Who Would Benefit

This course is intended for network planning engineers, who wish to learn about the issues that are involved when planning radio access networks for 5G.


The course assumes familiarity with telecommunication systems and with the principles of radio network planning. Some understanding of radio network planning for LTE, and of the 5G air interface, would be beneficial.

Topic Areas Include

  • Fundamentals of the 5G Air Interface
  • Link Budget Estimation
  • Coverage Estimation
  • Capacity Estimation
  • Parameter Setting

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