5G Network Slicing

1 Day / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

This 5G Network Slicing course examines 5G network slicing and those topics that impact and drive slice strategy.

Service and Industry requirements are explored, as well as use case performance objectives. Technical aspects of 5G slice operation are followed by an appraisal of the techniques available to map the requirements onto a practical slice. A generic slice template, and associated attributes, are then used to generate an example slice specification. Finally, practical slice deployment and management options are investigated. Examples are used throughout.

Note – Although standard slice identities have been specified, slicing defines a set of techniques that enable operators to differentiate their service offerings. Hence, any “standard” slice templates should be considered as a proprietary solution. This course does NOT attempt to build or provide any such standard slice templates, but will enable participants to better assess slice strategy and evaluate specific solutions.

Who would benefit

This course is designed for those involved in the design, deployment and commercialisation of 5G.


Although we begin with an introduction to 5G and use case requirements, the course focuses on the technical aspects of network slicing, so some experience or knowledge of the 5G system from a technical perspective would be an advantage.

Topic Areas Include

  • Introduction to 5G, Use Cases and Connectivity
  • 5G Slicing
  • Slice Development and Deployment

Optional 5G Virtual Lab Module

Explore, Test, Optimise, and Troubleshoot the 5G System5G Virtual Lab

Deep dive into the key signalling scenarios in the 5G system and analyse the output to build a deeper understanding that goes beyond the theoretical. The lab is a fully emulated 5G System environment that enables you to experiment with the configurations for Network Functions and build customized settings for signalling scenarios that helps you to develop greater insight into the operation of the 5G System. Lab modules can be added to any relevant 5G course.

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