5G Workshop

Duration: 4 Days

24-27 October 2023 | Malaysia

This intensive 4-day workshop focusses initially on the commercial aspects of 5G and the capabilities it brings to telcos, new and emerging players in the communications industry, as well as adjacent industries. It illustrates how the technology (New Radio, NG-RAN, and SBA – Service Based Architecture), enable and support the required flexibility, cost structures, diverse deployment scenarios, and new use cases – to support existing and new / emerging business models.

We explore, and make sense of, the next phase of connectivity and connected innovation, and the role 5G has in enabling the transition to a massively expanded set of business models and opportunities. Participants will build a much clearer picture of the steps they (and their teams) need to take within their own organisation to maximise the opportunities that 5G presents.

This workshop then provides a technical introduction to 5G, including the principles, design, and implementation of the 5G air interface, radio access network and core network, and the operation of the 5G system.


To gain maximum benefit, participants should have a relatively rounded background in telecommunications or adjacent industries (whether technical, commercial, or both).

Course Timetable

Day 1 Day 2
Day 3 Day 4

The Telecoms Environment

5G as a Key Business Enabler for Ongoing Connectivity

Connected Innovation – A New Universe for Connectivity

Supporting New Use Cases

Principles of the 5G New Radio

5G Network Architecture


5G – A Framework for Cost Control

5G Strategy

5G Air Interface

5G Procedures

Releases 16 and 17

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