Critical Business Basics for Carbon and Net Zero in ICT

Duration: 1 Day / Technical Level: Level 1

City ScienceCritical Business Basics for Carbon and Net Zero in ICT is brought to you by Wray Castle, one of the world’s most established telecoms training providers and City Science, the UK’s leading specialist in modelling net-zero and carbon accounting. This combination of in-depth telecoms insight with powerful carbon modelling skillsets is uniquely positioned to provide both net-zero advisory and training services to the TMT markets.

Critical Business Basics for Carbon and Net Zero in ICT features a series of seven one-hour modules targeting busy executives or managers covering the key business risks and opportunities facing the telecoms sector as a result of climate change. This course will provide a broad overview of the key issues telecoms executives need to be aware of including the potential business impacts of external policy changes, regulatory and reporting considerations, green finance, emerging business models and current sector best-practice. 


A basic understanding of business concepts and operations would be helpful, as would some familiarity with emerging trends in sustainability and sustainability reporting

Who would benefit?

This training course would benefit telecoms executives or managers who want to understand the key business impacts and opportunities related to climate change. This could include individuals who are responsible for strategic planning, risk management, financial management, sustainability, and compliance within their organisations.

Course Modules:

  1. The Science and Terminology
  2. Policy, Development of External Factors and Telecoms Impacts
  3. Reporting and Regulatory Requirements and their Implications
  4. Trends and Potential Impacts of Green Finance (ESG, Green Finance, Offsets etc.)
  5. Business Model Impacts and the Net Zero Opportunity for ICT
  6. Best Practice and the Telecoms Landscape
  7. Business Tools to Help Navigate Net Zero (Next Steps)


Watch our recent interview with Simon Drake from City Science and a recording of the webinar Environmental Sustainability in Telecoms - the Road to Net Zero below. 

About City Science

City ScienceWe are an ambitious, young technology company created to optimise complex energy and carbon systems. We believe that by developing an unmatched understanding of how cities and regions work through data we can enhance existing infrastructure, reduce inefficiencies and improve lives for citizens through evidence-led insights that deliver decarbonisation.

Our team comprises the best statisticians, data-scientists and subject matter experts, working on ground-breaking projects to deliver our goals.

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