Essential 5G Protocols and Procedures (On-Demand Virtual Lab)

Course Code: FG2323

In this lab-based course, you will dive deep into the essential 5G protocols, with a specific focus on the 5G NF Framework, registration processes, and PDU session establishment. Through a series of interactive lab sessions, you'll gain invaluable experience and a comprehensive understanding of critical aspects of the 5G system.

This course is tailored for individuals and organisations keen on mastering the operational intricacies of 5G systems. Whether you work for a public or private mobile network operator, network equipment vendor, test equipment vendor, handset manufacturer, regulator, or integrator, this course is universally relevant.

This course is uniquely designed to be lab-based, ensuring that theoretical concepts are immediately put into practice. Through a series of interactive labs, participants will gain not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills necessary to navigate the dynamic world of 5G protocols and procedures.

Course Structure

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the 5G NF Framework, 5G registration and 5G PDU Session Establishment procedure’s including:

  • 5G NF Registration
  • Registration Message Flow
  • Next Generation Application Protocol
  • 5G AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement)
  • Subscriber Data Handling
  • AM (Access and Mobility) Policy Association
  • 5G Session Establishment
  • PFCP (Packet Forwarding Control) Protocol

Who Would Benefit?

The standardised nature of the lab makes it suitable for any organization interested in 5G System operation and function including. 

It is of particular interest to those in the following roles:

  • Engineers working with Operation, Optimisation and Troubleshooting
  • System Engineers and Integrators
  • Or anyone who needs to explore and understand the 5G Core Network signalling

Lab Features & Benefits

5g labsThrough a combination of hands-on experience and guided instruction our virtual labs allow users to explore signalling procedures in the 5G system. Our labs feature:

  • A simulated 5G network - Provides hands-on experience and reinforces theoretical knowledge.
  • Wireshark (pcap) output files – detailed output files provide deep system insight.
  • Illustrated Course Books - featuring leading edge knowledge from subject matter experts.
  • Videos - Detailed videos discuss topics in greater depth. 
  • Guided exercises for signalling scenarios - makes learning and applying new concepts straightforward.
  • Ongoing trainer support - ensures you get expert advice when needed.

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