Evaluating and Optimising the Business Models (On-Demand)

Duration: 11 Hours

Course Code LB02             

Course Summary

Business models define a mix of activities required within a business to support a specific strategy. Collectively, one or more business models, aligned to a well-thought-out strategy, will deliver the competitive advantage needed to compete successfully in the market, and against any relevant competition. Business models are often complex, with multiple models running in parallel, and often in competition with each other within the business (in addition to the external competition).

In this programme, we deconstruct the business model in order to fully understand its component parts before looking at how those parts can be optimally configured / reconfigured in order to maximise value creation and competitive advantage. We use examples, exercises and case studies to build a solid foundation that can be used within your own organisation to help drive success.

Who Would Benefit?

These programmes deliver comprehensive training for employees at all levels within the organisation. They would benefit employees, mid-senior managers, directors, specialists, consultants and identified talent.

Topic Areas Include:

Definitions and Components of a Business Model

  • Business Model(s) – In the Bigger Picture
  • Relationship - Strategy, Business Models and Operations
  • Business Model Definition
  • Understanding Value Extraction
  • Developing The “Fit” of Activities – Examples
  • Partnerships and the Business Model
  • Customer Segments and Value Propositions

Business Models – Options, Assessment and Development

  • Understanding Value
  • Business Model Disruption
  • Business Model Adaptation
  • Defining New Business Models
  • Successful Examples for Redefined Business Models
  • Business Models – The [Many] Options Explored


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