HSPA Principles and Application

1 Day / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: RP2500

Course Summary

This one-day course provides a clear and logically organized explanation of both HSDPA and the E-DCH for both HSPA and the introduction to HSPA+ capabilities.

Who would benefit

Those who require a technical overview of HSDPA and HSUPA and the implications for network design and operation.


Familiarity with the structure and operation of the UMTS air interface at Release 99 and Release 4, or previous attendance on the UMTS Air Interface course (MB2002).

Topic Areas Include

  • Introduction to HSPA

  • HSDPA protocol structure

  • MAC architecture

  • HSDPA channels

  • HSDPA physical layer functions

  • HSDPA device categories

  • HSDPA implementation

  • Cell change procedures

  • Enhanced uplink protocols

  • HSUPA protocol structure

  • MAC architecture

  • HSUPA channels

  • HSUPA physical layer functions

  • HSUPA device categories

  • Establishment of a HSUPA connection

  • Soft handover