Introduction to Radio

We also have Introduction to Radio (On-Demand).

1 Day / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 1

Course Code: RP1302

Course Summary

This one-day course provides delegates with an understanding of how the radio spectrum is managed, the systems that use spectrum and an overview of the technical matters relating to the design of radio systems. It considers how radio technologies have evolved and what is driving this evolution.

Who would benefit

Senior executives, managers, regulators, market analysts and marketeers involved in the telecommunications industry who require an understanding of the wide range of issues surrounding the use and management of radio spectrum.


This course is designed for those with no technical background.

Topic Areas Include

  • How radio spectrum is managed and regulated
  • How radio spectrum is used
  • The concepts of bandwidth and channels
  • An introduction to the characteristics of antennas
  • Radio wave propagation mechanisms
  • The impact of interference and noise
  • Aligning radio applications to frequency bands
  • Overview of radio systems – including 2G, 3G and 4G
  • What is driving the demand for spectrum?
  • Health and Safety issues