Introduction to UMTS Optimization

3 Days / 5 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: RP2400

Course Summary

This course highlights the differences between optimizing a GSM network and a WCDMA network. The course focuses on the parameters and features which can be used to fine-tune a WCDMA air interface.

Who would benefit

Those who require an introduction to the principles and techniques that relate to optimizing the UMTS FDD mode Radio Access Network (RAN).


An understanding of UMTS air interface operation and an appreciation or experience of UMTS cell planning, or previous attendance on the UMTS Air Interface course (MB2002) and the Cell Planning for UMTS Networks course (MB2005).

Topic Areas Include

  • The WCDMA optimization process

  • Identification of optimization opportunities

  • Tools for optimization

  • The coverage-capacity-quality relationship

  • Drive test tools, performance data and statistics management

  • Link budgets

  • Coverage and capacity optimization issues and solutions

  • Repeater solutions

  • Antenna solutions

  • LNA solutions

  • Soft handover solutions

  • RAN configurations and dimensioning

  • Idle mode and system access parameters

  • Connected mode parameters

  • Radio link control parameters

  • UMTS features – HSDPA, MIMO

Includes optimization exercises.