Leadership in Business

We also have Leadership in Business (On-Demand).

2 Days / 4 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Business & Strategy

Course Code: LB04             

Course Summary

Being an effective leader is difficult. Some in leadership positions struggle with the basics, others have huge gaps in their understanding, and many restrict themselves to management activities - actively avoiding actual leadership wherever possible. In most cases, the confidence to lead effectively is in short supply, and those that do have the confidence often confuse dominance, or power, with leadership. However, organisations who see good leadership and culture as THE key enablers for their people, are the ones most likely to thrive and prosper – in whatever field they are operating in.

This comprehensive programme builds a solid understanding of leadership and culture in business, giving current and aspiring leaders the confidence and tools needed to better engage, guide, develop, coach, organise, assess, and most critically, empower their people, teams and departments.

We develop a deep understanding of leadership, including all key aspects related to ourselves as an effective leader; understanding and engaging with our people; developing successful teams; and influence as a primary foundation. We follow this by an extensive look at how we can successfully support and deploy our people whilst building a balanced culture that maximises success, enables innovation, and drives engagement at every level.

Exercises, discussions, break-outs, case studies and examples are used throughout in order to maximise learning, build confidence, and establish the foundations for successful leadership.



Topics Covered Include

  • Leadership in Business / Organisations
  • Developing Effective Teams
  • Influence and Communication
  • Supporting and Deploying Effective People – Culture and Innovation