LTE Air Interface and RRC Signalling

3 Days / 5 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: LT1405

Course Summary

A detailed technical description of the air interface signalling protocols employed in LTE. This includes the layer 3 Radio Resource Control (RRC) and layer 2 Packet data Convergence Protocol (PDCP), Radio Link Control (RLC) and Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols. The set of messages and functions supported by each protocol is examined in detail.

Who would benefit

This course would benefit engineers involved with equipment design, operation, and optimization or monitoring of the LTE radio link.


An engineering background with some knowledge of digital radio systems and general radio principles and techniques is assumed. A basic understanding of LTE and experience of 2G or 3G systems would be beneficial.

Topic Areas Include

  • RRC - functions and procedures

  • LTE RRC identities and states

  • RRC message structure and ASN.1

  • Overview of RRC message types

  • System information messages

  • Paging

  • RRC connection management

  • Intra-E-UTRAN and Inter-system Mobility

  • RRC security

  • Security mode command

  • Measurement

  • DL/UL information transfer

  • PDCP control messages

  • RoHC configuration and control

  • RLC control messages, ARQ management and segmentation

  • MAC control elements

  • End-to-End air interface signalling procedure examples