LTE Backhaul Planning

We also have LTE Backhaul Planning (On-Demand).

1 Day / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 2

Course Code: LT1312

Course Summary

This course provides a detailed overview of the issues related to the planning of backhaul services designed to support 4G LTE Cellular sites in both dedicated and single Radio Access Network (RAN) environments. The course focuses on planning techniques related to the most commonly-employed backhaul technologies used in conjunction with LTE, such as Ethernet, packet-based microwave and IP. It also covers aspects such as timing and security solutions and presents techniques that can be employed to estimate backhaul requirements and plan for suitable deployments.

Who would benefit

This course is designed for engineers working for network operators in the planning and implementation of RANs and in particular the backhaul region from the cell tower back to the core network and are looking at the options that exist to provide backhaul solutions suitable for 4G LTE networks.


No specific prerequisites for this course although a good understanding of mobile networks and in particular the radio access part of 3GPP based networks.

Topic Areas Include

  • Backhaul overview

  • Backhaul planning techniques

  • Defining 4G backhaul requirements

  • Backhaul technologies appropriate for 4G networks

  • Transport network evolution

  • Multi RAT and Multi Operator (MRMO)

  • Synchronization options

  • Cell throughput expectations

  • Industry initiatives and forums

  • Radio to transport QoS mapping

  • VLAN management

  • Backhaul traffic profile

  • Backhaul QoS

  • Planning exercise – cell throughput calculations