LTE Optimization

2 Days / 4 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: LT1001

Course Summary

An introduction to the principles and techniques that relate to the parameters available in the LTE Radio Access Network (RAN). This includes cell configuration, idle mode parameters and connected mode parameters. All elements are reinforced through classroom exercises and tool demonstrations.

Who would benefit

This course is intended for experienced radio access optimizers and those involved with device development or functionality testing for LTE-based networks.


This course assumes an engineering background with some knowledge of digital radio systems in general and good knowledge of the LTE air interface structure and operation. Experience of parameter tuning for 2G or 3G systems would be useful.

Topic Areas Include

  • Radio spectrum and radio channel organization

  • Key LTE radio metrics

  • Interpreting drive survey results

  • Identifying key air interface parameters

  • Verifying settings for radio parameters

  • Performance of a single frequency network

  • Network access parameters

  • Cell selection and reselections

  • Inter-technology cell reselections

  • Prioritized cell reselections

  • Connected mode measurements

  • Triggered measurement reports

  • LTE handovers

  • Analysing handovers

  • Inter-technology handovers

  • Management of discontinuous reception

Includes exercises.