LTE RAN Capacity Planning

3 Days / 5 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: LT1322

Course Summary

his course equips engineers with the necessary information to predict and plan capacity requirements in LTE RAN architectures. The course analyzes user plane and control plane services, allowing effective mapping of services to the physical layer, as well as Channel Quality Indication (CQI) and the effect on user plane throughput allowing effective estimations of physical layer resource for service provision. The course also investigates the backhaul requirements for RAN architecture allowing engineers to manage potential bottle-necks in future backhaul networks.

Who would benefit

This course is designed for engineers working for network operators in the planning and implementation of RANs.


This course assumes an engineering background, as well as a good understanding of LTE.

Topic Areas Include

  • E-UTRAN architecture and protocols

  • EPS bearers and QoS

  • Subscriber traffic profiling

  • Signalling event traffic modelling

  • Signalling events and event dimensioning

  • RAN synchronization options and overheads

  • Dimensioning O&M

  • Air interface structure and bandwidth options

  • Maximum theoretical throughput estimations

  • Dimensioning the RAN for voice traffic

  • CQI and user plane traffic dimensioning

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