Mini MBA – Digital and Connected Technology

Duration: 5 Days

Course Code: WR2301

Businesses that are transitioning to, or are underpinned by digital and connected technology face a unique set of challenges compared to traditional organisations.

As companies move into new areas of development and operation, it is critical that management teams across the organisation embrace the fast pace of change and realignment - whilst continuing to maximise their existing opportunities. The goal is an agile and flexible organisation that is aligned on strategic imperatives, fully focused on customer requirements and the value-exchange, and with an enhanced ability to collaborate and partner within complex ecosystems.

This programme is designed to provide an excellent foundation on which senior managers can fast-track their competency development within the relevant areas. We take a comprehensive look at the business environment, industry trends and drivers, technologies and frameworks, financial aspects if digital and hi-tech, customer proposition, strategy, business models and positioning – and critically, at how it all fits together.

Participants will significantly enhance their capabilities in terms of strategy-setting and alignment, evaluation and decision-making, business model development, alignment of departments and teams to strategic imperatives, and people / culture development.

Delivery and Programme Schedule:

Mini MBA – Digital and Connected Technology
Group Work, Business Simulation and Case Studies:
These run throughout the programme and are designed to enable participants to explore and share ideas, identify best practice, build confidence, and develop a shared view of a future position.

Focused Modules:

  • Hi-Tech - Business Environment and Use Cases
  • Digital and Connected Technologies Explained
  • Finance for Hi-Tech
  • Business Models
  • Innovation – Methods and Innovation Sprint
  • Strategy, Business Models and the Customer Proposition

This programme is aimed at:

  • Senior or (aspiring senior) managers involved in hi-tech industries that are underpinned by digital and connected technology
  • Those who need to rapidly build their knowledge and competencies in order to maximise their contribution to their organisation, and to lead their team(s) effectively.
  • Those working with, or making decisions that are impacted by emerging opportunities and trends within hi-tech industries.
  • Management teams – enabling a candid and hard-hitting evaluation of the status quo, alignment of ideas, and development of a shared future vision

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