Optimising Operations and Transformation

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1 Days / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Business & Strategy

Course Code LB07

Course Summary

Organisations tend to have a great deal of momentum – the bigger the organisation, the more difficult it can be to change, pivot and reposition. Even smaller business units can be very difficult to transform.

Most successful businesses are in a constant state of flux, and they embrace change in order to optimise and pivot accordingly. Whether it is slow evolution, or larger initiatives that require fundamental reorganisation and refocusing of resources and people, the best businesses are able to drive those changes, embrace the new opportunities and maintain their agility and flexibility.

This programme explores change within businesses / organisations – whether it is a case of optimising operations, or full-on transformation, we hit the key barriers and enablers for change, before exploring the change process and the role of the leader and key stakeholders. People issues are given a particular focus – in terms of individual and team factors, and the critical role that culture plays in the change process (and in the ongoing organisation).

Exercises, case-studies, discussions and break-outs are used to reinforce learning, and to build confidence that participants need to effect positive change in the workplace – whatever size of organisation they work in.




Topic Covered Include

  • Key Principles – Optimising Operations and Transformation
  • The Issue of Company Momentum
  • Momentum – the Impact of Corporate Culture and DNA
  • Momentum – Impact of Corporate Attitude to Risk
  • Momentum and Risk – the Results
  • Resistance to Change – Illustrated
  • Understanding the Nature of Change
  • Change – a Non-Stop Journey
  • Evolving to Stay Relevant and Optimised