Packet Engineering for Cellular Mobile Networks

2 Days / 4 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: MB1201

Course Summary

This course provides an overview of the GPRS system beginning with an overall description of GPRS and progressing through its network architecture and operational aspects. The subsequent sections cover EDGE, the structure of the GPRS air interface and the basics of uplink and downlink packet transfer.

Who would benefit

Those already working in the GSM industry who require an overview of GPRS operation including its association with EDGE and how it interworks with 2.5G and 3G 3GPP based mobile networks.


A good understanding of 3GPP’s GSM network, its architecture and operation would be beneficial together with an appreciation of packet-switching IP-based networks would be advantageous.

Topic Areas Include

  • GPRS network architecture

  • The GPRS air interface and Dual Transfer Mode

  • GPRS protocols

  • Identities and addressing

  • Mobility management and Dual Access

  • Location management and Pooling

  • Security and confidentiality

  • Roaming

  • Policy and Charging

  • Content Access Controls

  • The GERAN and Enhanced EDGE

  • Packet-switched procedures

  • 2.5G and 3G packet-switched interworking

  • GPRS and IMS control

  • GPRS and LTE interworking