Radio Principles

3 Days / Technical Level: Level 2

Course Code: RP1301

Live Online: 17-19 July

The world has seen a phenomenal growth in the application and use of radio technology. What haven’t changed, however, are the principles upon which all of these technologies are built.

The Radio Principles course provides an in-depth understanding of these principles on which radio technologies are built, taking students on a logical and detailed path through the various aspects of the theory, and practice, of radio communications.

Through attendance on this course, delegates will build an understanding of how radio works and how this impacts manufacturers, users and operators of radio technology.

Who would benefit

Those requiring an understanding of the principles and concepts of radio that underpin today’s radio technologies.


Some experience in telecommunications engineering is beneficial but the course is also suitable for delegates with an aptitude for technical subjects.

Topic Areas Include

  • The use and management of the radio spectrum
  • Waveform fundamentals and baseband information
  • Power levels and measurements
    Analogue and digital modulation techniques
  • Simplex, semi-duplex and duplex - FDD and TDD
  • Multiplexing – FDMA, TDMA, CDMA and OFDMA
  • Transmitters and receivers
  • Antennas and transmission lines
  • Radio propagation mechanisms
  • Introduction to coverage prediction
  • Principles of cellular coverage techniques
  • Diversity and MIMO
  • An overview of fixed and mobile radio technologies in use today
Includes practical exercises and demonstrations.

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