Small Cells Engineering Overview

2 Days / 4 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 2

Course Code: LT1311

Course Summary

This course provides a detailed overview of the technologies and techniques employed by Small Cell deployments. It describes the drivers for small cells in a heterogeneous network and identifies the various interfaces, protocols, security functions and network architectures. The features of Self Organising Networks (SON) are described and small cell backhaul techniques are explored. The course concludes with an overview of the future evolution of small cell technologies.

Who would benefit

This course is suitable for engineering and technical management staff who require a technical overview of the protocols, architectures, standards and configuration considerations related to small cell technologies.


Attendance on this course assumes basic cellular telecoms experience but this is not a necessity.

Topic Areas Include

  • Mobile Network Generations and Evolution

  • Small Cells Definition

  • The Small Cells Forum

  • Small Cell Applications

  • Associated Technologies and Developments

  • Small Cell Network Architectures

  • Heterogeneous Networks

  • 3G HNB, 4G HeNB Architecture

  • Closed Subscriber Groups

  • Small Cell network architecture, components and interfaces

  • Small cells in the enterprise

  • SON (Self Organizing Networks)

  • Small Cell SON Functions

  • Automatic small cell initialization and configuration

  • Small Cell Backhaul Requirements

  • Wireline and Wireless Backhaul Solutions

  • Broadband-based Backhaul

  • Carrier Ethernet

  • Security, Synchronization, QoS and Reliability Techniques

  • Technology Roadmap for Small Cells

  • LTE-Advanced Small Cells

  • Interworking with Wi-Fi

  • Future developments