SMS Messaging

1 Days / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230)

Course Code: WR2304

This course develops a rounded understanding of SMS technology, its operations, and the challenges it presents. After exploring the SMS ecosystem, from mobile network infrastructure to message routing, we delve into the fundamental principles of SMS operation, and the various protocols and standards that govern it. We include the different types of SMS service and overall operation - from message origination to final receipt.

We then delve into the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with SMS messaging – building an understanding of the common issues, such as spam, fraud, and security threats. We discover effective strategies to mitigate these risks and protect the integrity of SMS communication. By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation of SMS messaging.

Who Would Benefit

The course is intended for engineers and other staff who are involved with SMS messaging or systems that use messaging to deliver services – or those who need to understand messaging in order to help combat fraud


An telecoms background with some general knowledge of cellular networks and services would be an advantage

Course Contents

  • Foundation for SMS
  • SMS Operation
  • SMS – Issues, Fraud, and Mitigation

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