Software Defined Networking (SDN)

1 Days / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 2

Course Code: IP1502

Course Summary

This is a concise course addressing Software Defined Networking (SDN). It begins with a discussion of the drivers towards and the main objectives of SDN, before examining the architecture engineered to support SDN, including a discussion of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV).

The deployment of software defined networks is discussed in detail, with significant consideration of switching techniques and SDN in wireless networks, as is the southbound operation of SDN with a focus on OpenFlow.

The course also includes information on SDN in transport networks and a key case study looking at Google’s G Scale Network.

Who would benefit

This course is suitable for those who need a solid base understand of SDN, network virtualisation and the deployment considerations associated with SDN, including network, software and IT engineers, as well as managers and consultants.


Delegates should have experience or an understanding of the principles or IP networking and routing.

Topic Areas Include

  • SDN Drivers for Change

  • Evolution and Virtualization

  • X as a Service in Layers

  • SDN Goals

  • Introducing SDN Architecture

  • SDN Split Architecture

  • SDN Traffic Engineering

  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and SDN

  • SDN Deployment

  • SDN Architecture

  • SDN Summary

  • SDN Vision

  • Case Study – Google

  • OpenFlow

  • OpenFlow Examples

  • Netconf and YANG

  • SDN to Control Transport Networks

  • Case Study – Mininet

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