Telecoms - Today and Tomorrow

1 Days / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 1

Course Code: WR1402

Course Summary

This intensive one-day workshop provides delegates with a clear understanding of the technologies available for use within communications networks. It considers how technologies have evolved and then considers fixed-line and mobile voice and data networks. The full range of broadband technologies is introduced both for fixed and mobile access.

Who would benefit

Those involved in the communications industry who require an understanding of the wide range of technologies used within a converged communications market such as: senior executives; managers; regulators; market analysts; marketeers and new recruits to the industry.


This workshop is designed for those with no technical background.

Topic Areas Include

  • Basic operation of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

  • Comparison of circuit switching and packet switching techniques

  • Principles of an Intelligent Network (IN)

  • Opportunities provided by Value Added Services (VAS)

  • Basic operation of mobile networks and features of an IP data network

  • Quality of Service (QoS) in data networks

  • Fixed broadband access technologies and mobile networks

  • Principles of Next Generation Networks (NGN)

  • Challenges of operating Voice over IP (VoIP)

  • Evolution of fixed and mobile core networks

  • The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

  • Transmission technologies including PDH and SDH

  • Developments in optical fibre techniques

  • Operation of satellite telecommunication networks

  • The Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Principles of broadcast radio and TV networks

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