TETRA Air Interface

2 Days / 4 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: MB2601

Course Summary

This course provides a detailed description of the key aspects of the radio link between a TETRA mobile and a TETRA base station. V+D and Release 2 are covered in detail. The course includes higher-layer signalling, protocol interactions and media processing aspects as well as lower-layer functions such as modulation, radio performance and channel coding.

Who would benefit

Those working or involved in PMR or PAMR requiring a detailed understanding of the TETRA air interface.


Familiarity with the architecture and general operation of a TETRA network, or previous attendance on the TETRA System Overview course (TR1302).

Topic Areas Include

  • TETRA identities

  • TETRA bearer services, teleservices and supplementary services

  • TETRA air interface protocol stack

  • TETRA frequency allocation

  • TETRA channels

  • TETRA modulation schemes - inc. π/4DQPSK and QAM

  • Medium Access Control (MAC) layer

  • Logical Link Control (LLC) layer

  • Supplementary Service (SS) and Short Data Service (SDS) protocols

  • TETRA Mobility Management (MM) protocol

  • Authentication and ciphering

  • TETRA Direct Mode Operation (DMO)