The TETRA System - An Overview (On-Demand)

Duration: 22 Hours

Course Code: TR1701

Course Summary

This course provides a technical overview of the TETRA system – both Trunked Mode Operation (TMO) and Direct Mode Operation (DMO).  The course commences with a look at the ETSI technical specifications that define TETRA and the general requirements of users of Professional Mobile Systems. The course moves on to examine the range of services that TETRA is capable of delivering, and the network elements, architecture and functionality required to deliver these services.  The air interface structure and associated protocol stack are then explained in some detail, along with mobility management procedures such as cell selection and re-selection.   The philosophy of trunked radio networks is also explored, and the benefits of trunking are explained, along with a look at capacity planning.  The course finishes with an explanation of the steps taken to make the air interface as secure as possible – including authentication and encryption.

This course is an ideal foundation for further study as it provides a solid understanding of TETRA, whilst also highlighting the flexibility and sophistication of this technology.

Who would benefit

Those working or involved in PMR or PAMR who need to understand TETRA technology, specification and capabilities.


Familiarity with the architecture and general operation of typical VHF or UHF mobile networks is advantageous, and some understanding of radio techniques is useful.

    Topic Areas Include:

    • Introduction to TETRA
    • TETRA Services
    • TETRA Network Components
    • TETRA Network Architecture and Functionality
    • Air Interface
    • Radio Procedures
    • TETRA System Capacity
    • Direct Mode Operation (DMO)
    • Security Aspects of TETRA


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