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What courses are included in Wray Castle Hub?

Wray Castle Hub gives you 24x7 access to ALL of the following courses and training content. You are free to select the individual courses you’d like to study, follow a suggested learning pathway, or consult individual modules in any order you like!

Telecoms Business
- Strategy Briefings (20+ topics)
- Telecoms – As an industry & Business
- Leadership in Business 
- Strategy in Business
- 2G to 5G Mobile Technologies
- eSIM Engineering Overview
- Telecoms Fundamentals
IP Engineering
- IP Engineering
Radio Engineering
- Introduction to Radio
- Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN)

- 5G Technology Briefings (20+ topics)
- 5G Air Interface Overview
- 5G Architecture & Protocols Overview
- 5G Cell Planning
- 5G Engineering Overview
- 5G Radio Access Network
- 5G Security
- 5G Service Based Architecture & Core Network
- 5G Technologies, Services & Markets
Network Virtualisation
- Cloud Computing
- Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)
- Software Defined Networking (SDN)
- LTE Air Interface
- LTE & 5G Security
- LTE Backhaul Planning
- LTE Billing & Charging
- LTE End to End Signalling
- LTE Engineering
- LTE Evolved Packet Core Network
- LTE Quality of Service
- LTE Voice - VoLTE
- GSM Air Interface

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